Relationship centered sales promotion: A case study of on a Chinese department store

Abstract This study examines the management of sales promotion on anniversaries by Beijing Cuiwei Tower. A case study approach is adopted in both data collection and analysis. Based on the interpretation of the Cuiwei case, we put forth the concept of relationship promotion and develop a comprehensive model to further theorize promotional strategies and activities centered around relationships with key stakeholders. We point out that a relationship strategy of promotion emphasizes the creation and long term maintenance of values for stakeholders rather than the delivery of short term benefits to the marketer itself as a traditional perspective on sales promotion would entail.
Keywords Relational promotion, Relational marketing, Department store, Anniversary promotion, Case study

(Source: LI Fei, JIA Sixue, LIU Xi, YU Chunling, WU Shali, MA Baolong, MI Bu, Management World, 2011(8))


Source : CRRC
Time     : 2011-08-31

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