Case study research: Does it suitable for theory construction of management in China

Abstract More and more Chinese scholars are calling on the theories construction of management in China. Never the less, it is hard to fulfill this task only by the method of questionnaire and filed test. Problem arises that whether it is suitable for the construction of theories of management in China for case study research. There exist many controversial according to this problem. This paper did a lot of work on reviewing and analyzing the pertinent literature that make the affirmative answers whose reason can be divided into two parts: on the one hand, from the view of definition and types of case study research, it is suitable for the construction of theories of management for the research of exploratory, descriptive and causal as well as the research of single and multiple cases, especially for multiple case study which has credibility as much as experiment did. On the other hand, form the view of roles and features of case study research, it has played an important role of theoretical innovation in practice of research and also a key role of scientific method in both of the broad and narrow sense. At the same time, it is in need of researching the practice of enterprise management for the construction of theories of management in China, and the best way is case study research which is irreplaceable and much more approachable to the real sense and further research. Furthermore, we can draw convincing achievement of theory innovation by controlling the result of theoretical innovation and the process of normative of case study research.
Keywords Case study research, Theory construction, Research methodology, Chinese style management

(Source: LI Fei, LU Qian, Chinese Retail Research, 2011(4))


Source : CRRC
Time     : 2011-07-11

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