Eight major contradictions and relevant solutions in China's retail industry

Abstract The comprehensive revolution in China's retail industry which started from the middle of 1990s, accelerated the development of the retail industry, also brought some contradictions. The representations of these contradictions focus on eight aspects. They are contradictions between encouraging retail development and reasonable regulation, contradiction between opening retail business wider and economic security, contradiction between promoting urbanization and expanding rural market, contradiction between supplier-retailer cooperation and profit model transition, contradiction between department store consortium and self-support, contradiction between shop expanding and formalized development, and contradiction between retailing theory deficiency and development in practice. Considering the restriction of these contradictions, we analyzed the expressions and causes of these eight contradictions and proposed relevant solutions.
Keywords Retailing development, Strategies of retailing, Network retailing, China's retail industry

(Source: LI Fei, Journal of Beijing Technology and Business University, 2011, issue 1)


Source : CRRC
Time     : 2011-04-02

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