Press Report about the Fourth China Retail Forum (2008)

On December 3, the journalists of Economic Daily, China Business Herald, International Business Daily, Beijing Business Today, Beijing Morning Post, China Business, Shihua Financial Information, Finance, and attended the Fourth China Retail Forum and made related reports about it afterwards.

On December 4, an article titled the Fourth China Retail Forum Was Held was published on Economic Daily. It was stated in the article that guests from retail enterprises, universities and the Ministry of Commerce discussed how retailing contribute to confidence and growth of Chinese economy in the global financial crisis. They pointed out that the policies of expanding domestic demand and promote growth will provide more challenges and opportunities for retailing in China. Improving customer satisfaction will build up confidence and solve the problems for the distribution industry. Good quality, reasonable price and innovations in service will improve the customer satisfaction and promote the brand impact and competence of the retail enterprises.

In addition, the journalist of China Business Herald made a report about the forum with an article titled Responsibility for Expanding Domestic Demand of Chinese Retailing. It was stated in the article that the global financial crisis had made a great impact on Chinese economy, and expanding the domestic demand is becoming the sticking point of rapid economic development of China. In this case, Chinese retailing must be responsible for expanding the domestic demand and improving the customer satisfaction. MEN Xiaowei, the deputy director of the Commercial Service Department, the Ministry of Commerce, presented at the forum and delivered a speech. She pointed out that distribution, which has a close relation with production, played a significant role in rapid economic development of China. The retailing industry had contributed to expanding the domestic demand, creating employment opportunities and recovering the consumers' confidence. HUANG Guoxiong, professor of Renmin University of China, pointed out that the stabilization of Chinese retail market is the base of the stabilization of Chinese economy and international retail market. Manufacturing had contributed to the great economic development of China, and China will become the economic power for the exchange of trade in the future.

In addition, the journalists of International Business Daily and Beijing Business Today made reports about the forum with articles titled Policies of Expanding Domestic Demand and Increase Consumption by the Ministry of Commerce, and The Global Financial Crisis Has Great Impact on the Department Stores in China respectively.

Source : CRRC
Time     : 2008-12-09

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