The new rules of retail: Competing in the world's toughest marketplace

The new rules of retail: Competing in the world's toughest marketplace was published by Palgrave Macmillan in Dec, 2010.

Industry consultants Lewis and Dart present an in-depth, cerebral look at the yesterday, today, and tomorrow of retail, arguing that nearly half of retailers will soon be gone. In the authors' view, the key to success rests on a retailer's ability to create "experiential and distributional superiority" and control the value chain. Knowing what's important to do and knowing how to do it are two different things, but information and real-life examples are plentiful. Readers will learn how real estate will help define the shopping experience and how the business models of advertising and media will change. The last of three sections, "Ideas from the Masters," includes a study of the largest apparel company in America, VF (Vanity Fair) Corporation, who possess "the best-managed supply chain in its industry." Readers will also learn how delivers the "WOW experience" and why Apple earns an acclaimed "tip of the hat." The authors root for The Gap's success and speculate on the survival of one retail icon, currently stuck in a perfect storm. This complex and informative look at the retail world may be a bit too cerebral for consumers but perfect for anyone entrenched in retail management.

Source : CRRC
Time     : 2011-06-07

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