A Review on the Formation and Development of the Relationship Marketing Theory

Abstract Relationship marketing has become an important marketing mix and won great attention from both academia and industry. In this paper, a comprehensive review of previous studies has been conducted from the theoretic perspective. Based on literature, existing relationship marketing studies are divided into two stages, the formation stage and the development stage, after investigating the four key aspects (industries, types, contents and applications). An integrated research framework for relationship marketing is then established, incorporating both transaction marketing and relationship marketing. The framework indicates that transaction and relationship marketing work collaboratively, and are even able to transfer a possible customer to a partner. Finally, the potential topics for further theoretical research are proposed.

Keywords Relationship Marketing, Transaction Marketing, Marketing Theory
(Source: Susan (Sixue) Jia, Fei Li, International Journal of Business Research and Management (IJBRM), Volume (7) : Issue (4) : 2016)


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